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Regex Tag - web

Remove "Style" attribute from HTML tags

Remove all "style" attributes from HTML text.

Type: replace, Date: 8/12/2015 5:47:50 PMAuthor: admin

IP Address (IPv4) Regex .NET

Regular expressions are very commonly used by any developer no matter what language he's writing his program. Today I'll show the most useful Regex that sooner or later you will need them. For c# or vb.net. You want to check whether a certain string represents a valid IPv4 address in notation. Optionally, you want to convert this address into a 32-bit integer.

Type: match, Date: 7/28/2015 11:40:12 AMAuthor: stackoverflow

Simple example - non capturing group

If I apply the regex below over it: (http|ftp)://([^/\r\n]+)(/[^\r\n]*)? I would get the following result: Match "http://stackoverflow.com/" Group 1: "http" Group 2: "stackoverflow.com" Group 3: "/" But I don't care about the protocol - I just want the host and path of the URL. So, I change the regex to include the non-capturing group (?:): (?:http|ftp)://([^/\r\n]+)(/[^\r\n]*)? Now, my result looks like this: Match "http://stackoverflow.com/" Group 1: "stackoverflow.com" Group 2: "/"

Type: match, Date: 7/12/2015 3:23:20 PMAuthor: stackoverflow

Splitting Link using RegEx

i want to find category from the link. I am breaking the link into array using Regex.

Type: split, Date: 3/31/2015 5:40:43 PMAuthor: admin

Get all HTML tags from page

Using a RegularExpression to match web (HTML code).

Type: match, Date: 3/27/2015 4:21:44 PMAuthor: admin